Welcome on board.. Taking off soon!

The city you may call home is a tourist destination for someone else. And a city they call home is where you yearn to visit. Mere epiphanies like these make me realise how beautifully connected our world is. Travelling is more than just a way to reach another place; it is the journey which goes beyond space and time, a journey that allows us to experience other homes. This is precisely what brings me home, to myself, to a world where uncertainties are around every corner and possibilities are endless.

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An ode to my alma mater

Dear Cambridge,

I wouldn’t be mistaken if I say that you have spoiled me for life. The autumn streets of Antwerp or the panoramic views of Mumbai do not come close to the effortless beauty you offer. Walking to lectures through your magestic palace halls and the breathtaking bridges was sure to give us a refreshing start of the day. The views of people punting right through the city still scintillate my dreams. It is indeed hard to believe that living there was once my reality.

Whether it was having a picnic at Kings Backs or kayaking down river Cam to nearby Granchester, you never failed to glorify our days with heartwarming landscapes. Your chapel towers covered in snow were always an eye-teasing distraction during study times. The pompous college balls post exams were just the cherry on top. We have left trails of our footprints in your far-stretching meadows and the echoes of our cheerful laughter in your eloquent dining halls. And as all good things come to an end, we can only reminisce you through our modest keepsakes and innocent captures.

Once upon a lifetime,

And embedded in our hearts forever.

A thing or two about airports

Just like the clothes we wear give others a glimpse of who we are, likewise for airports. As I see it, they are like windows that give us glimpses into the country’s population, politics and economy.

Currently on transit via Abu Dhabi airport, not only am I introduced to its male dominated dynamic but also its luxury retail scene. The passion for hukkas is evident in its souvenir shops. The many women walking around in burkhas and the dispersed prayer rooms throughout the airport reflect UAE’s religious inclinations and, as some may say, dogma.

Spending time on airports almost feels more surreal than being 40,000 feet above the ground. I do not belong to this country and yet, I am an inevitable part of it. Airports make me realise that although we may all be from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, we are still on the same journey and foster the same universal values of trust and respect. Evidently, appreciating the myriad differences and understanding the similarities we see between national airports brings us one step closer to overcoming racism and cultural antagonism.

Hong Kong Calling 

When we think of Hong Kong, the first things that come to mind are the busy streets of Tsim Tsa Tsui or the loud nights at Lang Kwai Fong. But in addition to these, what I have seen is a very different side of this metropolitan city. A half hour’s drive away from the mainland of Hong Kong lie the silent streets of the New Territories, specifically Tai Po. Continue reading

Our Spanish Rhapsody 

If you have ever been on a road trip with your besties, you will know the mixed feeling of independence and safety that we experienced on our little escapade to the Spanish island of Mallorca. Hiring a car was the smartest decision we made as it allowed us to explore the entire island at our own will: it was our little access to unbound freedom.

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Do you speak Bohemian?

The historical town of Prague, Czech Republic, has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years. The peaceful town square with its legendary clock and the breathtaking Charles bridge in the background is on the bucket lists of many. But if you want to experience something different in addition to your visit to Prague, it’s a good idea to check out the nearby local town of Cesky Krumlov.

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One foot in the door, one foot out

“Where are you from?” a girl on my summer course, once asked me. And once again, I wished the answer was as simple as naming one country. Having lived in India until I was nine, in Belgium upto age eighteen, then in the United Kingdom for four years, now living back in India and moving to Hong Kong in three months, I can no longer tie my home to one physical space. As lengthy as my answers tend to be, they do make great conversation starters!

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