Welcome on board.. Taking off soon!

The city you may call home is a tourist destination for someone else. And a city they call home is where you yearn to visit. Mere epiphanies like these make me realise how beautifully connected our world is. Travelling is more than just a way to reach another place; it is the journey which goes beyond space and time, a journey that allows us to experience other homes. This is precisely what brings me home, to myself, to a world where uncertainties are around every corner and possibilities are endless.

From the comforts of your own home, I invite you to travel to different homes with me. Welcome on board! I hope you have an exciting stay here!


9 Thoughts

  1. If only everyone realised that the earth is a smaller place than they think, that people are more interconnected than they realise, then maybe people would focus more on what we have in common than what we have not.


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