An ode to my alma mater

Dear Cambridge,

I wouldn’t be mistaken if I say that you have spoiled me for life. The autumn streets of Antwerp or the panoramic views of Mumbai do not come close to the effortless beauty you offer. Walking to lectures through your magestic palace halls and the breathtaking bridges was sure to give us a refreshing start of the day. The views of people punting right through the city still scintillate my dreams. It is indeed hard to believe that living there was once my reality.

Whether it was having a picnic at Kings Backs or kayaking down river Cam to nearby Granchester, you never failed to glorify our days with heartwarming landscapes. Your chapel towers covered in snow were always an eye-teasing distraction during study times. The pompous college balls post exams were just the cherry on top. We have left trails of our footprints in your far-stretching meadows and the echoes of our cheerful laughter in your eloquent dining halls. And as all good things come to an end, we can only reminisce you through our modest keepsakes and innocent captures.

Once upon a lifetime,

And embedded in our hearts forever.


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