5 awesome travel gadgets you need to own!

There was once a time when four-wheeled luggage bags were seen as incredible inventions. Now, they are necessities! Travel gadgets like these subtly shape and facilitate our travel experiences. Check out these five novel inventions that guarantee to make your travels more convenient and comfortable!

Mini iron

Tired of wearing creased clothes on trips? Now you can have your clothing game on point even on transit. This portable SMAGREHO mini iron with an adjustable handle has come to the rescue! Store it away in your luggage and use it whenever in a clothing emergency!

mini iron

Sandless tote

Now, make your beach time hassle free with this sadness tote by CGear! Whether you want to sun tan, play games or have a picnic, thus tote ensures that your belongings remain clean as sand just filters right through! You can buy it here.

Sandless tote

Heated insoles

Travelling to a cold place for your vacays? Make sure to invest in these rechargeable ThermaCELL heated insoles with adjustable sizing. Their convenient and portable remote control operations allows them to be worn anywhere, anytime without any need of wires, extension cords or Velcro straps. Speak of invaluable comfort at your feet!

Thermal soles

Espresso maker

Fancy a cup of coffee on the go? This MiniPresso GR espresso maker is sure to entice your taste buds! It’s compact, it’s efficient and it’s easy to use; a perfect companion on long drivers or tiresome hikes! You will never need to look around for a Starbucks or Costa again!

Espresso maker

Water filter

Beware of unhygienic tap water and use this LifeStraw water filter. Its two-stage filtration process removes bacteria and protozoa as well as organic chemical matter and chlorine. Whether you are travelling, hiking, backpacking or camping, this exclusive product will make sure you have safe drinking water wherever you go!

Lifestraw filter.jpg

Try them out and let us know your feedback below! Happy travels!

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