Shillim: An Indian sanctuary of wellness and relaxation

The next time you want a break form your fast-moving lives and the hustle bustle of the streets, consider an eco-friendly resort tucked away in the Indian mountains. The healthy savouries and the pure aromatic airs are sure to leave you rejuvenated and refreshed for the year ahead. Such a weekend stay at the Hilton Resort in Shillim, Maharashtra was a true amalgamation of scenic beauties and meditative interiors. Only a 2.5 hour drive from the noisy streets of Mumbai, this retreat encompasses a jaw-dropping 320 acres of high-altitude ground. What better way to leave stress behind than to be surrounded by luscious green mountains and a dream-like landscape?

As soon as we entered, we were welcomed with a unique blend of lemon and herbs, (nothing like I have ever drank before!) and cookies made with refined wholewheat grains and nuts, equally delicious. Then, we were escorted to our villa via a 4-seater car because the accommodations are just that spread out to ensure customer privacy. The villa did not disappoint either. With a living room, a swimming pool, spa beds and a lavish bathroom, it become our little wellness sanctuary for those three days. Featuring three restaurants for lunch and dinner, there was a plethora of dishes to be relished. The chefs were friendly and spoke to us directly regarding any food requirements or restrictions. On the second day, we treated ourselves to an aromatic couple massage. The massage rooms too were tucked away deep inside the green meadows, adding to the coziness and calmness of the entire experience. No wonder it was also recognised as ‘The Best Luxury Wellness Spa in Asia’ in 2014.

If only the service around the resort were a little quicker and more prompt, the experience at the retreat would have been flawless. A quick, although obvious, tip: consider going at a non-peak, summer time to avoid the sky-high prices and to enjoy the outdoor pools. Besides that, this resort is a good bet if you are looking for a quiet, introspective adventure.


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