Honeymoon Hacks: 8 ways to make the most of your honeymoon!

So I was recently helping a friend plan her honeymoon and I couldn’t help but reminisce about my own. A flood of memories left me with deep nostalgia and a yearning for another long trip! Unfortunately, the honeymoon is the longest time away most of us will get!

For all you couples ready to enter the labyrinth of  honeymoon destinations and hotel deals, this is for you. The trip you have dreamt about and mentally planned for years is finally around the corner. But there are too many places, too little time? Read on for some realistic advice on how to manage your expectations and have the time of your life!

Ditch the beaches

While it may be great to relax under the sun and stroll by the waves with your partner, the world has much more to offer romantic couples. Consider the tropical springs of Costa Rica or the icy landscapes of Finland for an equally intimate getaway. From mountains to forests to deserts, there are no boundaries to what nature has in store for you!

On the map, off the radar

Don’t be afraid to drive your way through your honeymoon. There is no better feeling than being independent in a new country, well, only being dependent on each other. With a steering wheel in your hand and a navigation system at your fingertips, you will be surprised with how many undiscovered landscapes you can tread on to. And what’s more, these remote locations will offer you all the privacy you wish while on route! 

Cheap thrills

Travelling doesn’t always have to be about lavish hotel rooms and avant-garde facilities. It can be an adventure in itself to check in to cheap (but safe!) motels for shorter stays. You are supposed to experience thick and thin together right? Let’s not underestimate AirBnb too; it can provide you with some stellar locations and unique living experiences. It may also be exciting to be spontaneous and book your hotel rooms when you reach there. Embrace the uncertainty!

Travel light

While your honeymoon may be the best time to flaunt your hottest outfits, it’s also the time where you can travel with the least burden. It’s simple; the lighter you pack, the more free you will feel. You don’t have to show off all your best looks right away. Besides, you will save yourself extra time while getting ready for your day out.

Lazy in love?

This will probably be your longest time away together. No responsibilities. No boundaries. No rules. So throw off your routine, stay awake till the wee hours of the morning, sleep in all day, go for dinners in your pyjamas, sit by the fireplace and do nothing. The possibilities are endless, and no, they don’t have to include chipping away your pockets. This is your time to just enjoy each other’s company, activities can wait! 

Mind your money

Spending two or three weeks together will mean expenses, lots of expenses, big and small. Keep a track of your money on a daily basis. A great app we use is called ‘Money Zen’. It lets you make tags (Food, Travel, Groceries, Shopping, etc) for each expense you record and hence, informs you what percent of your money you have spent on each tag. It’s a great way to organize your budget and also control your expenditures. 

It’s about perception, not perfection

Once you reach your honeymoon destination(s), you may find it to be not as satisfying as you expected. There is always going to be another hotel around the corner that you could have stayed at or another country nearby that you could have also put in your itinerary. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure to make your honeymoon perfect. Instead, change your perception. The beach turned out to be too windy? Go for an indoor couple massage instead. The clubs were too crowded? Go to your room, put on some loud music and have a party by yourselves. As long as you are together, you can make any situation worth your while! 

Mutual grounds

There is no better way to get to know someone than travelling together. You may learn that you are not as similar as you expected. While you may want to go scuba diving, he may not find it as thrilling. While he may want to dance the night away at the hottest club, you may want a quiet night in together. This is your first challenge as a couple – to come to the same page. Don’t fret if you have to let go of a few things you saw on TripAdvisor. After all, this is just the beginning of a whole new life together. There will be plenty of time to do it all!

Hope my two-pence on honeymooning helps all you newly weds! Let me know if you agree/disagree with these in the comments below!


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