Having lived in India for nine years, in Belgium for the following nine years, in the UK for four years, back in India in two years and now in Hong Kong, I can no longer my definition of ‘home’ to any one place. But more so, ‘home’ is a feeling. ‘Home’ is when I am stepping out of my comfort zone. ‘Home’ is when I am exploring the world and embracing the uncertainty around every corner. ‘Home’ is when I am at peace with myself and the world around me.

Starting a travel blog was a natural consequence from my combined passions of  travelling and writing. The journey of becoming a blogger mirrors my journeys across the globe: full of obstacles and risks. By putting myself out there, I am constantly stepping outside my comfort zone even when sitting at home. This blog is my little attempt of acquiring a little corner in the vast webspace and connecting with interesting people like yourself through my experiences.

My goal is to inspire people to have gratitude for the experiences they have. The world has so much to offer and we can truly expand our visions and horizons if we only embrace all that we see. Too often, we find ourselves captivated within four walls because we believe that we have seen enough or that there is nothing new out there. But if we allow ourselves to travel beyond latitudes, both physically and mentally, we will be surprised with how much fulfilment we can achieve. So, I invite you, to travel with me beyond out comfort zones, far and together.